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Manta by Trunchbull Manta by Trunchbull
I should really stop saying that things are my last image for the year. XD I keep posting more!

this is the thing i saw in my dream, it reminds me of the queen things i drew a few months ago

and a bunch of other sketches i drew of these things, but never really had names for them. they dont even look like Mantis Men. :p the ones i saw in the dream were greener than this for sure.

I remember us trying to drive away from this tornado that was occuring to the left. We could see allot of the beach and the city life near it. At first the woman driver (who was someone I know but can't remember exactly who it was), began driving towards the tornade (because that's where our destination was) but with a bit of loud encouragement, we were going right.

i don't remember the events that occuredafter, but I found myself in near darkness with a 2 Nintendo DSes, i was using the first one for light, grabbinb spotted feline pelts that I had took with me for some reason. One of my old school teachers was there too for some reason..

I don't remember allot afterwards, but when i "woke up" again in dream, my first DS wouldn't turn on, suggesting that i'd been out for a while. The second one was working fine. My teacher was looking sort of like a bug. We looked outside to see glimpses of "Mantis Men" in another room, that's what he called them. Mantis Men, they'd taken over the area. He too was one, but only to help me. He said that if you were part of them, then they would not exactly attack you.

Somehow a medic appears. They wouldn't kill the medic who was human. I guess that she was the only one around that could heal them???
she led us somewhere, supposedly to change me into what I saw my teacher looking like. there was a big black machine that was shaped sort of like a box.

I can't remember the rest. it certainly was an interesting dream, though. . .
Majatek Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Quite an odd looking thing. Almost reminiscent of the "Prawns" from District 9 in some ways.
Trunchbull Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2013   General Artist
I can see the resemblence, yes!
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December 26, 2012
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